Welcome at Zuiderzin!

Zuiderzin is a historical holiday home (1566 !) accommodating up to 6 people that has been recently renovated to meet all modern standards while respecting its history. Our home is located in the heart of Antwerp and can be found on the list of valuable architectural heritage.

It is ideally located to discover the city of Antwerp with friends or family. We are in a small street accessible to pedestrians only in a lively area of antique shops and boutiques close to the  river. Stroll around and visit  wonderful restaurants, bars, galleries, museums and shops. In just 5 minutes you are in a lovely cycling and walking area on the other riverbank using the pedestrian tunnel. If you like to bring your kids, there are playgrounds in close proximity so you can enjoy your Belgium beer whilst keeping an eye on your beloved ones.

But also the more touristic areas of Antwerp (like the Grote Markt) are within 15 minutes walking distance.

Free parking available at 200mts, bike rental at 150mts (€ 3 / day for a city bike), including WIFI.

Why Zuiderzin?  


Translated: Fancy the South (Zuid), the trendy and lively area close to the river Schelde. It is close to the city centre but offers a completely different character than most of the touristic areas. Quiet, yet lively, more alternative, feel like a local,  in short: a lovely area to stay.

‘t Zuid is hip and happening, and our holiday home is in the middle of it! Officially, we are in the  St. Andries Quarter, which used to be known as the Parish of Misery. For centuries, this was one of the poorest districts of Antwerp were the common people lived, close to the river. The Augustinian fathers came to our neighboring house, no. 9 to dig wells and their muttering could be heard all the way through the underground cellars of the houses in the street up to into the Notre- Dame Cathedral. Fortunately the poverty has been replaced by fashion boutiques, antique shops and places to relax and enjoy. But you still can sense the history….

Up till 2013 Antwerp had its Literary Festival of the Word, in which lectures, performances and music by word artists, which was called Zuiderzinnen, a southern sense. Although this festival has stopped, a new beginning emerges in our house Zuiderzin. On the first floor you will find our bookshelf to discover and to exchange, take one book and replace it by one of your own discoveries.

You can interpret it any way you like, for us the bottom line is that the area stimulates your senses…. And that can be done by taking a seat on one of the most beautiful terraces and meeting new people; buying just that special garment, designed by one of the Antwerp 6; stroll around the bookmarkets and find that special book you were always looking for. You can also visit one of many museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the house of literature (if you like to see the handwriting of Conscience with your own eyes), the photography- or fashion museum and of course  the MAS and the Red Star Line Museum. All this, at walking distance just around the corner.

Make sure in any case that your senses will be stimulated, live up to the name of our home!

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